Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor of Chinese, Dept. of Modern Languages and Classics, Ball State University, 2006-present; Chinese section director, 2006-2012.

Assistant Professor of English, Dept. of English, Ball State University. Lecturer of English, English Department, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, China, 1977-1987.

As an assistant professor of Chinese, my teaching load has been 3 / 3 for a school year. Since 2006, I have taught 11 different Chinese courses, including Beginning Chinese I & II, Intermediate Chinese I & II, Advanced Chinese I & II, Comparative Grammar (CH 302), Reading Chinese Literature in English (CH 302), Business Chinese (CH 338), Chinese Culture and Civilization (CH 334), Study Abroad in China (CH 400: summer courses I & II)

As an assistant professor of English in the Department of English, Ball State University, I taught linguistics in English including English Grammar, linguistic science (phonetics, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics), English composition on essays, and English composition on research papers.

As a lecturer of English in Heilongjiang University, I taught English as a foreign language to Chinese students. I also taught Chinese language courses to foreign students who studied Chinese as a foreign language in the summer.

Adjunct instructor of TESOL, English Department, Post College, CT, 1987-1988.

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, China, 1985-1986.

Teaching Chinese reading and composition, Harbin Highschool No.128, Harbin, China, 1971-1973.